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Mountain Range

Who Can Attend MCLC?

Graduating 3rd graders - 1 year High School Post Grad 

Junior High - Graduating 3rd Graders - Graduating 7th graders.​

Varsity - Graduating 8th graders - 1 year post High School.


High School Graduates may attend a grace year after they graduate from High School.  The summer after their senior year is their senior year.  The year after their freshmen year of college is their grace year.


There are NO REQUIREMENTS to attend MCLC.  


Campers are divided into grade levels. 

Bible study and activities are split up as follows:

Completed 3rd – 5th (Elementary)

Completed 6th – 7th (Junior High)

Completed 9th and above (Varsity)


High School or Varsity students work throughout the week preparing for an off campus ministry opportunity Wednesday night consisting of service to the community, Church programs, music, testimonies, skits, pantomimes and more.  Their week will be full of all sorts of activities including game time, bible study, missions, and more!

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