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MCLC Policies & Procedures

Student and Parent,

Please read completely and indicate you have read fully.  


Medication Policy:

A very important part of our camp staff are registered nurses with many years of experience. They will be in charge of administering any and all medications during the week of camp. Please send enough medication for one week in an original container. One suggestion is to save an old bottle with a current dosage and frequency listed on the label. It is much safer for us to administer medications when we can see the prescription container. 
•    All prescription medication must be in the original container with current dates.  
•    All over-the-counter medications, including herbs and vitamins need to be in original containers as well with a parental note explaining preferred dosage.
•    Any “as needed” medication (i.e. Tylenol, Neosporin, poison ivy cream) will only be administered with your approval and recorded by our camp nurses (see application for parental approval)
We will not accept any medication brought to camp unless it is in the original container (this includes over the counter meds and vitamins.) 
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the camp director or Shirley Nesbitt, Camp Nurse.


Visitors and Cell Phones: 
Since Camp is very busy we request that there be no visitors during the week except for Thursday night Chapel & Ministry tools.  Campers will not be allowed to make or receive telephone calls, except in the case of an emergency. Please do not allow your child to have a cell phone at camp.  We understand that some teens will drive themselves to camp and therefore will have a cell phone in their possession.  However, during camp, cell phones are to be locked in their vehicles or given to their camp counselor to be returned at the end of camp.   


Camp Schedule:  
Camp Check in will be from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Saturday.  If your child is to arrive late please notify your camp director or camp registrar ahead of time.  Camp will end at 9:00 AM on Friday.  Please be sure there is someone there to pick up your child at this time.  ALL CAMPERS MUST BE PICKED UP AND CAMPUS CLEARED BY 11:00 AM.


Camp Dress Code:  
MCLC is a camp like no other.  Over the years, we’ve found that most of our campers adhere very well to our dress code. We’ve had to set these standards, not because we believe that this is the way that Christians should always dress, or because it is the way we like to dress. Some call our standards “legalistic”, but that by no means reflects the reasons we require them. We adopt these standards and ask that you follow them for this one week out of the year for three reasons:

(1) Modesty: To be above reproach, since clothing can be and is a temptation for some and a reason to judge for others
(2) Protection: To ensure that your campers are not placed in compromising situations with other campers
(3) Testimony: A Christian’s appearance is always an important part of their testimony. We should not be trying to draw unhealthy attention to our body parts.

Dress Casual:      
Jeans and t-shirts are great – even at evening sessions.

Shorts:    While still remaining modest our Board has decided to go with a "CD length" above the knee.  Placing the CD case at your knee cap, your shorts should come to the top of the CD case.  Hopefully this will make it easier

for each camper to find the right fit for them.  This is for both boys and girls, including counselors and staff and All Activities.  

Dresses:    Girls can wear dresses or skirts but they also must be "CD Length".  No spaghetti straps please. 

Swim Suits and Cover UPs:  All campers must wear dress code cover ups to and from swimming areas.  Cover Ups, must cover shoulders.  No Tank Top or Spaghetti straps cover ups. Only at the swim destination can cover ups be removed.

Girls swim suits must be one piece or resemble a one piece (two pieces put together).   


•    Tight clothing:  shirts, sweaters, dresses, pants, shorts or exercise clothing.
•    NO leggings, slider shorts or spandex worn under shorts.  
•    Girls, NO spaghetti straps, tank tops, bare mid-drifts or short shorts.  
•    Girls, NO short skirts or low cut tops.
•    Boys, NO tank tops, “slider” shorts or short shorts.
•    Boys, all pants will be pulled up at all times.
Swim Suits – Cover ups must be worn to and from any swimming activity and must also adhere to the dress code standard.  Please NO bikinis or speedo’s.  


Other Clothing recommendations:
•   Lifejackets will be made available if swimming accommodations are offered.
•   High School Students will need a nice pair of long Jeans to wear for Ministry tools for Wednesday Night.  
•   Tennis shoes are best especially with the amount of walking and field activities.  Flip flops and sandals are acceptable when not on the game field.  
•   Cleats are acceptable for field activities as well but cannot be worn in the chapel, dining hall or lodge.  
•    A jacket or hoodie is recommended on chilly nights as well as chapel.  


•    Again… No electronics.  
•    Fireworks, matches or lighters, knives, squirt guns....
•    Shirts with worldly pictures or messages on them

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